anna fries

maker of performing arts


Anna Fries is a performing artist based in Berlin, Basel and Amsterdam. They are co-founder and former artistic director of pioneering game-theatre collective machina eX, which is specialized in creating interactive, gamified experiences for small audiences. machina eX games have toured extensively in Europe and the US. In 2012 Anna Fries co-founded Henrike Iglesias, a feminist performance collective with a strong love for pop and politics. Their live-porn-show OH MY was touring internationally and was last shown at FIBA 2020 in Buenos Aires. In 2020 Henrike Iglesias produced their interactive and Covid-save piece UNDER PRESSURE, a show about performance pressure and capitalist values, which was invited to the showcase Stages Unboxed at Theatertreffen 2021. Anna Fries also directed shows in German state theaters, the latest work being the world premiere of I LOVE DICK by Chris Kraus at Staatsschauspiel Dresden. In 2019/20 they were a participant at DAS Theatre at AHK Amsterdam. Anna Fries works mainly as a performer, designer and director. Always their artistic research tackles feminist questions and incorporates technology in fundamental ways. Currently they are researching posthuman pregnant bodies in virtual worlds.